Supermetrics + mapflo = awesome - mapflo

Enrich data pulled via Supermetrics

Supermetrics is great at pulling data from third party platforms. Now let mapflo get the data in the right shape.

Aggregate Marketing Spend...

Pull marketing data

For each advertising platform you use, pull raw spend data into separate Google Sheets using Supermetrics.

Make datasets consistent

Use the Rename Node to relabel dimensions and metrics to get consistent column headings across the nodes. For example, Facebook calls marketing spend “Amount spent” and Google calls it “Cost”.

Make datasets richer

Create a new column called Country and populate it based on extracted data from the Campaign Name. Repeat for Channel and Objective.

Append datasets together

Stack Datasets together using the Append Node to create a single marketing spend dataset.

Send data where you want it

Send data to Google Sheets, CSV or a cloud database. You can run the flow manually or schedule a regular time for mapflo to pull the data.
FREE for your first 3 flows. Plans start from $15/month
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