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A #SPILL! error in Excel occurs when a formula is unable to populate cells with the calculated results.


the formula in cell D1 uses the SORT function to sort the fruit table in cells A1:B4 by number of fruit.

A similar formula in cell D7 that aims to sort the table in cells A7:B10 produces a #SPILL! warning, as cell D9 is already populated with the word ‘text’ which prevents the output of the SORT formula from showing.

Cases when SPILL! error can happen:

  • The formula is returning more results than can fit in the specified range.
  • The specified range is blocked by other data or objects.
  • The formula is using a volatile function, which means that it is recalculated every time the worksheet is changed. This can cause the size of the array to change, which can lead to a #SPILL! error.

To fix a #SPILL! error:

  • Increase the size of the specified range.
  • Delete or move any data or objects that are blocking the specified range.
  • Use a non-volatile function instead of a volatile function.

You can read more about specific cases of SPILL! error on the microsoft website