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We are a small, boot-strapped team based in the UK.


Google Ads advice

There are so many different views on how you should set-up and run Google Ads. Some people are die-hard manual CPC dudes; others love Target Impression share; some pay agencies expensive monthly fees for time-consuming manual work.

As ex-Mckinsey strategy consultants we set-out to find what we think is the best approach.

Our conclusions are in the 14 core articles we’ve written. The way forward is to leverage Google’s automation while setting constraints to optimise spend. If you are not running new campaigns regularly then you should be able to set-up and leave – no need for expensive agencies, as manual CPC bidding is not the best approach any more.

We created an automated review of Google accounts to help identify opportunities to improve. Nearly every Google account we have looked at has had huge potential to be more efficient and drive more revenue and we want to share this with small businesses to help you become more profitable too.

For a lot of businesses, getting your Google Ads set-up right will be the number one driver of success and we hope we can help you with that.


mapflo data analysis tool

We are also data geeks and have built the mapflo data analysis tool for people who want the power of SQL in an easy to use flow format. We hope it can help drive insights and provide a better alternative to excel for understanding data sets.

Because we are self-funded we can prioritise a really strong free option as what really excites us is people using the mapflo tool and loving it.

Let us know what you think!

Kyle & Al

FREE for your first 3 flows. Plans start from $15/month
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