Mapflo is a data pipeline. It takes data in, combines it, edits it, cleans it and then spits it out in the right format to power business decisions.

It’s powerful but easy to use. 


We are a small, boot-strapped team based in the UK.

We have experience running digital marketing for large e-commerce businesses; building world-class secure data-driven tech platforms; and working as McKinsey consultants.

We started mapflo because we love data but also to make life easier for the millions of people working with Excel, Googlesheets and marketing data.

Because we are self-funded we can prioritise a really strong free option so that as many people as possible can access data more easily, save time on analysis, and increase data accuracy by using the mapflo tool.

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Al Taylor


mapflo is really powerful for automating repeat analyses – it loves digesting new data on a daily basis.

It is super useful for getting data for reporting dashboards and tracking ongoing metrics such as marketing spend; segmenting organic keywords and much more

It can handle more data than a spreadsheet and you no longer need to add extra rows, copy down formulas or write impossibly long ‘if’ statements.

We’ve found it really helpful in conjunction with googlesheets. It can take raw data from one or more sheets, process in a flow, and return the finalised data to another sheet.

It can connect to external datasets – automatically pulling in data as required – with a specific use case for tracking and managing marketing spend data; but also super valuable for ongoing SEO analysis and hundreds of other use-cases we haven’t begun to think of.

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