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Use mapflo instead of a spreadsheet
for data analysis

mapflo makes it easy to join data sets together, clean, edit, enrich and drive to insights. Works with Google Sheets, CSVs and more.
MAPFLO is FREE for your first 3 flows. Plans start from $15/month
launching soon

How is mapflo better than a spreadsheet for data analysis and data exploration?

Automatically pull data into a flow

Schedule mapflo to pull data from Google Sheets directly into a flow.

The flow shapes the data and then automatically exports the edited dataset(s) back to Google Sheets.

Goodbye vlookup

Use the Join node to join data based on one or more matching dimensions.

Welcome to a better if function

Use mapflo’s Data shaper node to populate new dimensions / columns using rules: basic ifs, complex nested pattern matching, or anything in-between.

Send data where you want it

Send data to Google Sheets, CSV or a cloud database. You can run the flow manually or schedule a regular time for mapflo to pull the data.

Easy to audit

The flow structure makes each step in the data transformation visible and auditable, reducing the likelihood of making an error.

Easy to update with fresh data

Unlike spreadsheets, mapflo processes data fast and is easy to refresh with new data.

If you like data analysis, you'll love mapflo. It's easy to learn and a joy to use. Goodbye, spreadsheets.

What can Mapflo do?

Join and Clean data without code or SQL

If you don’t have a data warehouse or analytics engineering team, then mapflo can help you clean, tidy and join your data – such as combining marketing spend from different platforms.

Works really well for organising and joining data pulled via Supermetrics.

Powerful Segmentation

So easy to segment and group search terms, URLs, products, web events – anything!

  • Match if value contains any of ‘trainer|sneaker|boot’
  • AND/OR Conditions
  • Process rules in order and drag and drop to change order
match if, “search term”
includes “Google”
and “Hoodie” (or misspelling)
processes rules in order.

Use mapflo between your data sources and reporting tool

mapflo can organize the data that powers your reporting.

Pull data from your data sources into mapflo. Join, clean and shape the data and export to Google Sheets. Then connect Google Sheets to your BI Visualization tool.

FREE for your first 3 flows. Plans start from $15/month
Launching soon