Your Data: Ready to Use

mapflo gets your marketing and e-commerce data.

It uses simple data flows to organize your data: Join; Segment; Filter; and Categorize.

Then it sends the data to googlesheets, csv, Data Studio or S3.

So your reporting is flexible and always ready. 

apflo backend screenshot

Connect to Your Marketing and Data Platforms


Aggregate Your Marketing Spend Data

mapflo uses an easy-to-build flow that combines your marketing spend data into one dataset.

Take control of tracking spend and hitting budgets.

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Track Google Ads Performance

Combine your Google Ads, Google Analytics and e-commerce platform data in a flow.

Connect to Data Studio via Google Sheets.

Just connect your data!

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A Powerful Tool for Managing Data

Do Almost Anything With Your Data

The flow structure makes managing your data super flexible.

Use the Powerful Data-Shaper node to create new segmentations based on easy to build rules (including regex).

Join and Append data sets. Filter. Write formulas. Define constant variables. Group By. It’s insanely powerful.

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Schedule Flows

Set flows to run on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (and pretty much anything in-between).

Send Data Where You Want It

Send Data to CSV, Google Sheets, Google Drive or S3.

It’s easy to connect Google Sheets to Data Studio.


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